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Note to Self by Joe Thorn

This is a book dedicated to modelling the discipline of preaching the gospel to yourself. Dr Martyn Lloyd –Jones once wrote that the person our hearts listen to the most is ourselves. Thus, we want to be those who are speaking truth to our hearts, reminding them daily of the gospel to correct our hearts, to challenge them and to encourage them.

Joe Thorn has written a series of notes to himself — 48 of them in total — to remind himself of the gospel and to remind himself how to live as if it is true and as if it has done a work of transformation in his life.

It is quite a unique book and it beautifully suits the format. He divides the notes into 3 categories: The Gospel and God, The Gospel and Others and The Gospel and You. The letters have titles like “God Does Not Answer to You,” “Be Humble in Your Theology,” “ Honour Your Parents,” “Don’t Be a Fan Boy” and “Suffer Well.” In every case, Thorn simply seeks to bring the gospel to bear on a particular area of life. With each letter just a couple of pages in length, it’s a good book to read at a pace of one chapter per day as part of your quiet time.

I think as you do, you will find your heart, corrected, encouraged, rebuked, spurred on.

And for only £5 it is a worthy addition to your library and it will do your heart good.

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