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Sometimes there are things we desperately want to remember.

Like where we left our car keys or mobile phone, or the name of someone we just met. Sometimes we want to remember the good times: people we loved – their faces, the sound of their voice.

Sometimes it is just a song on the raido or a smell of something cooking brings back a powerful and happy memory of something in our past.

Sometimes we want to forget.

We want things out of our minds. Embarrassing moments, difficult experiences. Bad things we have done or that have been done to us. We wish we could erase the memory stick and get rid of them completely.

The common thing about all our memories is that they are about the past and as we near the end of our lives it seems more and more that the good times are behind us and uncertainty is ahead.

But what if we could erase the hurt of the past, but experience a future that was better than our best memories?

Jesus said he came to give life to the full. He came to give us a life that stretches forward forever into the future, bringing experiences that will not disappoint

We are approaching Easter, when we remember that Jesus had the power to lay down his life and to take it up again. He’s the one who makes the promise.

Do you trust him?

If you do you could face the past without shame and the future without fear.

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