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How to live without the Cross at the centre

The Cross is supposed to be at the centre of everything we do as Christians and our focus as a church. But just as an exercise of imagination, think about what kind of things you would do to encourage people to think that they were Christians, but in practice to ignore the cross. Perhaps it might include these these things:


  1. Organise lots of meetings so people can select the ones that suit them best
  2. Arrange a full programme of evangelism which makes people feel that they are concerned for the lost
  3. Encourage church members to put their names on a few rotas so they feel they have “done their bit”
  4. Tell bible stories but don’t relate them to the Cross
  5. Talk about God’s love for everyone regardless of their response to the Cross
  6. Talk about grace but live as though God loves you more when you do something good
  7. Talk about grace but act towards other people based on how they act towards you and how you feel about them
  8. Teach only sin and hell
  9. Don’t talk about sin and hell
  10. Act surprised and outraged when suffering comes
  11. Base your happiness on how well your day is going

These are “cheap shots” but at least something to get you thinking.
Here are some suggestions for a Cross Centred daily routine:

  1. Memorise the gospel
  2. Speak about what you are learning through suffering
  3. Pray the gospel
  4. Think about serving the church rather than ticking a box
  5. Sing the gospel
  6. Review how the gospel is changing you
  7. Show grace
  8. Feel repentant but know you are forgiven on your worst days
  9. Base your happiness on Christ
  10. Study the gospel

[Adapted from study by Ben Nicholls at the Young Men’s Training Course]

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