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Check Your Frustrations

Check Your Frustrations

I’m feeling frustrated. Are you? I’m frustrated that I can’t invite more than two people at a time into my home. I’m frustrated that friends with more children can’t invite any in. I’m frustrated that I have to wear a face mask in church. I’m frustrated that the whole church can’t meet together. I’m frustrated that I’m not supposed to hug my wider family. I’m frustrated that I have to tag myself in at a coffee shop. I’m frustrated at the price of the coffee in the shop! 

What are you frustrated about? In the current global situation it’s so easy to feel frustrated about so many things. And I think it is right to feel a longing for how things used to be, or how things could be now, or might be in the future. 

But, let us check our frustrations and why we are frustrated about them. Am I longing for church to be ‘back to normal’ because I long for the opportunity to fellowship with, and minister to, my whole church family? Or is it because I want an hour away from my children? And if it is because I want an hour away from my children, is it because I long for the spiritual refreshment of listening to a sermon undistracted, or is it because I am fed up of their constant demands on me? Truth be told, it’s all of the above! 

Some of our frustrations and longings are right, and some are sinful. And sometimes we can be frustrated over the same thing in both a right and a sinful way! In a season where there are so many frustrations, it’s a wonderful opportunity to check our heart motives. It’s easy to do: simply ask ‘what am I frustrated about?’ (which I expect you’ve already answered to yourself as you’ve read this), then ask, ‘why?’ – and be honest with yourself! 

This might be a ready-made opportunity to turn to God in repentance – a beautiful turning to God when we’d been turning from Him (to other things) in our attitudes. He welcomes us with open arms and longs to draw us closer to Him. 

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