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Billy Graham dies aged 99

Billy Graham has died aged 99 at his home in North Carolina. After his ministry began in the 1950s he quickly became one of the best-known evangelistic preachers of the last century. We want to give thanks for his life and ministry.

He was not without his critics for some of his methods and elements of his theology but undoubtedly he brought many to a living faith in Christ and influenced a countless number of evangelists.

He was recognised by his distinctive preaching style – a combination of warmth, sincerity and seriousness. In his writing, he explored many subjects of Christian living but his public ministry maintained a fairly uniform format of using Bible texts to appeal to people to turn away from their sinful lives and to follow Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

Many people will remember Billy Graham for his altar calls – appealing for people to come forward and publicly display that they wanted to start following Christ.

2/5/1981 President Reagan Nancy Reagan and Billy Graham at the National Prayer Breakfast held at the Washington Hilton Hotel. By White House photo office ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

He was also known as a man of moral integrity with his legendary rules about financial propriety and dealing with members of the opposite sex who were not related to him.

Billy Graham was well known around the world for the role he played in political circles and as spiritual advisor to many presidents but today, on the day of his passing, we remember his simple gospel preaching and give thanks to God for the many people following Christ today as a result of his ministry – probably some of them in your church!

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