Windows of Hope Easter Trail

How does it work?

  • 1. Bring your family or get together with another household and enjoy a socially distanced Easter trail anytime between Tuesday 30th March and Sunday 11th April
  • 4. Visit the ten locations with “Windows of Hope” following a circular route around the Christ Church building. Look out for a letter(s) to collect and then fill in on the kids sheet
  • 5. Pick up your prize from our building on either Tuesday 6th April or Monday 12th April between 9-1pm

Please follow the Government Covid Guidelines when taking part in the trail, remembering to socially distance from people not in your bubble and take part in groups no bigger than 6 and no more than 2 households.

Why is the Easter Story the only source of true Hope?

What was the last thing you hoped for? Did you get it?

If you did, was it all that you had hoped it would be?

As human beings we were all made with in – built desires, something that is expressed every time you’ve thought ‘there must be more than this’.

We were all created to have a relationship with God, and live in joy filled obedience to him. But we all know that the world is not how it should be.

We all feel the effects of something having gone wrong in the world, in every broken relationship and every broken bone, every broken law and every broken promise

But the Bible tells us that this is not a hopeless case! It tells us that God himself stepped into the world to put things right. Jesus is God, who put on a human body, to live and die to make things right as we read in the Easter story.

Jesus gives those who trust in him the certain hope of a new world to come, of life everlasting, where there will be no more tears, no more pain, no more death, no more suffering at all.  This is what we were made for, and Jesus gives us access to this!

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