Ordinary – Episode 10 – Forgiveness

Ordinary is a podcast that aims to help Christians live for Christ in everyday life. Each week Josh Bannister talks to Graham Nicholls and Mark Ventham, pastors at Christ Church Haywards Heath, in West Sussex, England.

In today’s episode we’re talking about forgiveness. Forgiveness can be tricky to get our heads around when it becomes a sort of necessary reality in our lives. Graham and Mark help us to unpick the major differences between what the world thinks forgiveness means, versus what the Bible says it is. And we think about the Biblical model of forgiveness and how it works itself out in the difficult situations.

If you want to get in touch, if you have questions, feedback, or suggestions for topics you want us to talk about in the future, email us at ordinary@cchh.org.uk

Next week: The sovereignty of God, part 1

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