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Abu Martin at Saltworkz Café

Come and hear Abu Martin’s amazing life story, from his Father’s murder to an encounter with Christ. Hear first-hand what life is like for Christians in Egypt and the Middle East. Learn how to pray for Egypt.
Saltworkz Cafe, 34 American Lane, Haywards Heath, RH16 3QB
Friday 6th March 7:30pm

Abu Martin vowed to kill those who murdered his father but an encounter with Christ at 11 changed his life, helping him let go of the hate, restoring his heart and allowing him to forgive those who took his father from him.

Abu Martin trained as a Veterinary Surgeon at university in Egypt and worked 7 years as a Vet, but God’s call on his life took him to New Zealand where he went to Bible School for theological studies. Abu Martin returned to Egypt in 1988 and now works full time in ministry reaching out to those in poverty or fleeing the ravages of war.
There is a great need in Egypt to equip young people with a vocational skill that can enable them to gain a future for themselves and their families.

Abu Martin has taken this need and made it a reality. The IN team in Egypt has acquired a building which they are currently remodelling in anticipation of opening a Vocational Training Centre to serve the needs of the young people in which is due to open early 2015. The centre is hoping to offer a variety of courses to include hairdressing, sewing, IT, Air conditioner maintenance and English Language courses.

Initially the centre hopes to be able to train 60 people every two months. Upon completion of the course each individual will receive a certificate confirming that they are trained in a specific skill and also provide them with the materials that they need to start up their work career. It only costs £150 to train an individual which gives them a lifelong skill and a bright hope for the future.
There are currently 700,000 Syrian refugees living in very difficult circumstances in Egypt. People have been forced to flee with nothing but the clothes they wear.

In 2003 Abu Martin was asked to be a speaker at the “Non Violence Conference” in Korea representing the Middle East. He shared a platform with the South African ambassador and representative of Nelson Mandela and shared his amazing story of forgiveness and how Christ changed his heart. He stunned the world’s delegates in attendance and was awarded best speaker winning the peace prize. He was renamed the “Man of Peace” from Egypt.

Abu Martin is married to Suzanne and has 3 children. He will be over in the UK in March 2015 raising awareness of the plight of refugees. His organization is trying to provide food and clothing to the 700,000 Syrians predominantly Muslims pouring into Egypt to escape the war.

The event is being organised by International Needs