Some possible new songs for 2018


  1. Thank you for bringing these to our attention. First song possibly. Second , no thank you – we are not going to become a clappy Church are we ?
    All songs appear to be designed as Album or Concert/Event songs – to be sung by a group to an audience.
    They do not seem to be suitable as congregational songs that could be sung with gusto!
    Rather than trying this type of song , could we not return to the wonderful writers of the great Hymns of the past which have lovely tunes and edifying words that are very suitable to be sung in Church – even in the 21st Century!! Then perhaps , the younger generations have the opportunity to know , value and love these Hymns as us older folk do!!
    E.g. Watts , Newton , Wesley , Lyte , Cowper , Crosby , Havergal , Montgomery and Doddridge , to name a few.

  2. Thanks for the comments Roger.

    The videos are often more performance style but that’s not to say that they will not work with our congregation. We go through a process with the music group of checking them out theologically and musically before introducing them.

    Nothing wrong in principle with clapping – whether it works with our culture might be another discussion.

    We do use some of the older hymn writers you mention but I’m sure we can do better

  3. I liked them all if that helps
    I only listened to the first seven tho.
    I believe we should include gospel music of today to appeal to younger people.
    We are a more touchy feely society so an outward physical expression of joy should be embraced welcomed and encouraged in my humble opinion.
    I trust out music group to select and introduce us to current gospel music.

    • +1. Nothing wrong with enjoying and enthusiastically praising our maker!!

      I do love some of the old hymns out there. Whilst theologically speaking they glorify God in a much richer and deeper way than many modern hymns and songs, musically speaking there are many which are quite dreary and from a younger perspective somewhat discouraging – don’t forget that many of these old hymns used words and language that even a well educated 20 something would have no chance of easily understanding – by all means use the hymn but then at least help explain what the words and old language means otherwise we might as well be singing in Swahili…

      I appreciate music taste varies between generations but keeping it discernible and accessible to all regardless of age or education is key so we can all praise and worship God with integrity and clarity.

      TLDR: by all means some more old non-dreary Good hymns and keep the new ones with theologically sound words flowing too!

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