The blessing of joyful service (Isaiah 58:1-14)

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Here’s the link for the sermon which is also available as a podcastIsaiah 58:1 to 14

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John 7:1-24 Right Judgements

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Naturally, we are hostile to God. Jesus explains that left to ourselves we are not neutral when it comes to deciding about God which really means deciding about Jesus Christ. We don’t really have an open mind. We are deeply committed to a life of resisting the will of God. The way to know the truth is to end our rebellion and submit to God who speaks to us in Jesus. To listen to this sermon in the John series click...

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Mark 10:45 Verse of the year 2011

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“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” This was our verse for 2011 Jesus talks to His disciples. They are trying to get the best seats one day in the future and arguing over who is the greatest. He tells them that if they want to be really great in His kingdom they must learn to serve. Jesus himself is the perfect model of service Jesus Serves He serves throughout His life. He serves in His sacrificial death paying the price for our sin. We must serve Serve whoever needs it – whether you think they deserve it...

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Do non-Christians go to hell?

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Is what Steve Chalke says here correct? I agree with a lot of what he says, but look carefully at paragraph 8. Do you have to consciously acknowledge Jesus is Lord and Saviour to be saved? space for mp3 podcastsClick here to listen or saveClick here to listen or...

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The grace of giving

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When God’s old covenant people, the nation of Israel, were disobeying the law of Moses by failing to tithe, they were told through the prophet Malachi that they were in effect robbing God himself (Mal. 3:8-9). Christians today must not feel bound by old covenant tithing regulations as they would then be living under law and not under grace, contrary to New Testament teaching. Nevertheless, there is an abiding spiritual principle in Malachi’s prophecy which carries over from the old covenant into the new covenant era: it is possible for any of God’s people living in any age...

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Tolerance is a gospel issue (Romans 14)

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At our Sunday morning meeting we looked at Romans 14:1-15:6. We learnt from there how we should accept brothers and sisters in Christ even though we may have differences about how we practise our faith. If you want to listen to the sermon it is available online here. Paul is not talking about compromising over the truth about Christ or the authority of the Bible, or tolerating immorality, as though God doesn’t care about these things. His focus is more on personal behaviour from Christians carefully considering how they should behave in relationship to their Lord. In the Roman church...

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