In Genesis 3, there was a day that changed every day in the history of the world. It is the sin that changed the world and also sets the pattern for temptation and sin in our lives. It explains our world and it explains how we follow the pattern of failure.

Satan comes in the form of the serpent.

Firstly, Satan tried to get the woman to distort the word of God. He raises questions designed to raise doubts. The woman’s reply starts well but she makes God sound more restrictive than he is and begins to water down the serious consequences if they choose to disobey.

Then comes Satan’s great lie “you will not surely die.” “What are you talking about… God’s not really being serious about judgement.”

It’s a lie that continues throughout history. Will you trust God’s word?

Secondly, Satan encourages them to doubt the goodness of God. He’s really saying that the forbidden fruit would actually make them better people and so really God is being unfair. We face daily challenges to our belief that God is good

Thirdly, Satan provokes a desire for the authority of God. The fruit is attractive fruit as the key to knowledge of good and evil. They are basically claiming the wisdom to discern right from wrong declaring independence from God.

And in all this Adam is there but silent. He outrageously shirks his responsibility to be a teacher and a leader to Eve.

But it’s not enough to know the story of the fall as an explanation for our broken world. We so need to depend on the mercy of God. Not on our own judgment and ability. We remember that one man succeeded where Adam failed. That man was Jesus. We need Him. Do you know Him?

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