What we believe

We affirm the historic confessional reformed evangelical Christian faith taught in the Bible – the word of God to us. We want to live under the rule of Jesus Christ and show we love Him by our eager worship and obedient lives.

We do want to explain and express our faith in a language and style that is appropriate to our culture without being ruled by fashions or trends, especially those which might appear to contradict God’s word.

There is one God, who made everything. He has spoken, telling us everything we really need to know, in the Bible.
We learn there that all of us have rebelled against God and will not live as he intended and deserve God’s righteous judgement.

Because of his great love, God sent his only son Jesus, to bear our punishment on the cross so we may go free. Through his resurrection from the dead, Jesus is declared to be God’s chosen king.

Anyone who trusts in and submits to Jesus is forgiven and starts a new life by the Holy Spirit’s help. Jesus Christ will return in glory. He will raise the dead and judge the world in righteousness. The wicked will be sent to eternal punishment and the righteous will be welcomed into a life of eternal joy in fellowship with God. God will make all things new and will be glorified forever.

We believe in baptism for Christians, but we warmly welcome to our meetings and to church membership those who in good conscience believe that scripture teaches infant baptism to be right.

You can also read more in our handbook and charity documents page