Genesis 3:1-7 Falling

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In Genesis 3, there was a day that changed every day in the history of the world. It is the sin that changed the world and also sets the pattern for temptation and sin in our lives. It explains our world and it explains how we follow the pattern of failure. Satan comes in the form of the serpent. Firstly, Satan tried to get the woman to distort the word of God. He raises questions designed to raise doubts. The woman’s reply starts well but she makes God sound more restrictive than he is and begins to water down the serious consequences if they choose to disobey. Then comes Satan’s...

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Genesis 2:18-25 One Flesh

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Marriage is a beautiful relationship designed for us to be happy and to be ready to serve God. In Genesis 2, God is looking for a suitable helper for Adam in the task of ruling and subduing. The animals area great, Adam rules over them and has the fun of getting being introduced but it’s not enough. It’s really not good for Adam to be alone, he needs a suitable helper – not inferior but complementary. So God Makes Woman (verses 21-22a). And he did a pretty good job didn’t he? Man is not simply a lonely person needing company or a half finished person. He is those things, but the...

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Genesis 2.4-17 One Simple Rule for a Special Person

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Genesis 2 is a re-run of the creating that went on in Genesis 1 but with a different focus – now we’re looking at the man in his special place Man is a Special Person. He’s like all the animals, made in a similar way as a distinct species but more than just another species, man is unique: He’s made in God’s image (Ch1). God breaths life into him showing a direct intimate act of creation. God speaks to him directly directing and commanding. We share characteristics with animals but are made separately from dust, not from another animal. We are all descended from Adam...

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