The grace of giving

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When God’s old covenant people, the nation of Israel, were disobeying the law of Moses by failing to tithe, they were told through the prophet Malachi that they were in effect robbing God himself (Mal. 3:8-9). Christians today must not feel bound by old covenant tithing regulations as they would then be living under law and not under grace, contrary to New Testament teaching. Nevertheless, there is an abiding spiritual principle in Malachi’s prophecy which carries over from the old covenant into the new covenant era: it is possible for any of God’s people living in any age...

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God’s Long Holiday

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This Sunday we were looking at Genesis 2v1-3 the day upon which God rested. It means He ceased from creating. It is not saying that he has stopped working, John 5v17 makes that clear. Genesis 2 paints a picture of rest that is bigger than, but not less than a day off. Biblical rest is that of enjoying God by enjoying his creation. In Gen 2v4-24 we see this rest pictured, marked by a series of perfect relationships. So we see perfect relationships between God and Man: there were no barriers between them. God and Man were able to walk, talk, and just be together. Man and Woman, enjoyed marital...

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The Gospel According to Pullman

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The Gospel According to Pullman… | Christianity Magazine |

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Genesis 1:28-31 Everybody Rules

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In the post below we talked about man’s unique nature – being made in the image of God. Yesterday we thought about what Genesis 1:28-31 tells us about our unique role as image bearers. 1. Remember: It’s a good thing! The whole creation and God’s purpose are very good (v31). To be human, (God’s image bearer), is to be particularly blessed. (v28). Ultimately that blessing comes through enjoying relationship with Him and all He does for us. 2. God’s image bearer’s are to be fruitful and increase in number (v28). God desires his people to be fruitful and later He will prescribe...

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Genesis 1.26,27: Men – intelligent monkeys or sophisticated machines?

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What are human beings? Many people might consider them just advanced animals or like a super-computer. Sadly, when we consider ourselves just animals we can justify behaving like them. Or if we think of people as just machines we can simply turn them off and throw them away if they’re not working. But we are something more complex and wonderful than that. Genesis tells us that God created human beings as the pinnacle of His creation. He made men and women equal in status and dignity. They are the image of God – meaning they resemble in some way the divine. They are not the same as God but...

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Philippa Stroud criticised in the Observer

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Reading this article it struck me that if the secular press were to visit most evangelical churches they would probably be outraged. Most of us in church leadership wouldn’t be allowed to hold significant office in any of the three main parties. I’m not saying Philippa Stroud has the right approach though. Read the article...

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